STRICKLER ASSOCIATES, LTD. is a consulting engineering firm located in Fairfax, Virginia, providing engineering services covering heating, ventilating, air conditioning, power and lighting, plumbing and fire protection services.

Since its inception in May, 1967, STRICKLER ASSOCIATES has performed on over twenty-eight hundred individual projects ranging in scope from small tenant layouts to complete engineering design services for new construction of major educational facilities, shopping centers, office buildings, and churches. Our professional staff has the experience, education and the ability to design systems for educational, retail, commercial, governmental, and various other facilities. While our clientele consists primarily of architects engaged as prime professionals for overall projects, we have also been engaged as the prime professional for other clients in the modernization or expansion of their facilities.

STRICKLER ASSOCIATES has built its reputation in the public and private sectors through a commitment to provide the best possible professional service to the client and the general public. Two major criteria stressed in our designs are that the system can be economically justified through its life cycle, and that once a system has been installed, it can be easily and inexpensively maintained. This conscious effort to provide owners with practical, economical, and time-proven system designs has enabled STRICKLER ASSOCIATES to enjoy a high level of Owner satisfaction with completed projects.

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